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iPad 2 Case Turns Up at CES

Booths from companies pushing cases and dust covers are usually pretty pedestrian, especially at a show that has so much in the way of technology. Who wants to look at cases when you could be mauling all the tablets, ereaders, TVs, laptops and smartphones your heart desires?

Well, last night one such case managed to garner quite a bit of attention. It was at Dexim’s booth and was holding a mock-up of Apple’s rumored iPad 2. Sure, we’ve seen iPad 2 cases over the last few months, so we already know about the spaces cut out for cameras and a bigger speaker, but this one comes with a little piece of bonus information: Engadget reports that when they asked if they could take out the iPad 2 mock-up and put in a first generation iPad, they were told no, because it wouldn’t fit. If the case is anything to go by, iPad 2 will be just a smidge slimmer and will have tapered edges, much like the iPod Touch.