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ION Audio's iCade Shows Off New iPad Arcade Accessories

At ION Audio's booth, an array of products ranging from guitar teaching peripherals to headsets were on display, but by far the one that drew the biggest crowd was their latest iCade accessories. The iCade is already well-known and acclaimed for delivering a solid, notalgic experience directly to a user's iPad by turning it into a miniature arcade experience. At CES, they unveiled 3 new models that promise to make the fun cheaper, and more mobile. Just so long as you're willing to put up with a few bugs.

In addition to the original iCade, the iCade core offers the joystick and button functionality of the iCade but without the cabinet (and at a reduced cost. iCade Jr. is a mini iCade, allowing you to turn your iPhone into an even tinier arcade cabinet. iCade mobile similarly offers a controller experience without the cabinet, albeit one closer to Fructel's Gametel add-on than the iCade. Like iCade, all three new iCades connect to your iPad or iPhone via bluetooth. Unfortunately, this connection isn't perfect. When I played, I noticed that the bluetooth connection was a bit wonky. The iPad kept detecting every single iCade controller within reach, allowing other people to control my game.

However, iCade does come with an app featuring dozens of classic arcade games like Pong, Pac-Man, Frogger and pretty much everything else you might remember from the Atari 2600 era. If you are obsessed with old games, and you don't mind having your play session hijacked by another iCade owner who happens to wander buy, it might be worth the cost.

For more, see their official site.