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The HumanCar: Bedrock Hotrod, 2010 Edition

The HumanCar Imagine PS (PS is for Power Station) is a lightweight, four-seater, street-legal vehicle that uses hand cranks and a rowing motion to power an electric power train. Four people acting in unison is enough to move this car forward on human power alone. For solo drivers, the Imagine PS can also plug in to charge its batteries to make up for the lost power.

According to the company's website the physical requirement isn't that daunting; a senior citizen can supposedly handle one. The vehicle supposedly runs fast too -- speeds of 60MPH on flat terrain and 30MPH uphill on a human-electric hybrid is certainly something to write home about. Charles Samuel Greenwood, an engineer who has been working on developing the perfect human-powered vehicle since the late 1960s, was responsible for developing and funding the car. 

The modular chassis—covered by an optional all-weather shell top—promises future adaptability for future features and technology. The creators are also listening to crowd-sourced ideas such as paraplegic-compatibility and airbags are under consideration. On the drawing board for future models are electronics capabilities like "a human/machine interface touch-screen display with GPS and biometric data logging, iPod integrated sound systems, and Bluetooth-compatible onboard computing/communications devices".

See this video of the HumanCar Imagine PS in action with Greenwood behind the wheel (or is that crank?) of a prototype:

According to HumanCar, each production unit will cost $15,500 and production will begin once they reach 800 pre-orders. Interested buyers can place a refundable $50 reservation fee; as of now the company says it has processed over 100 reservations.

If the HumanCar engineers were to incorporate breakthroughs in other concept vehicles such as the Edison2 Very Light Car, maybe we can have a truly feasible alternative car for the future.

Via Discovery News