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Should You Get an Amazfit GPS Running Watch for $129?

Although not well-known in the U.S., Huami is looking to make a name for itself with the introduction of the Amazfit Pace, a GPS running watch with built-in storage for music, smartphone notifications and an 11-day battery life. Available for $129 through November 28 (and then $159 afterwards), its price undercuts many other GPS watches with similar features. How well it performs remains to be seen.

The Amazfit Pace is the third fitness tracker the company has launched in the U.S.; we've reviewed its $59 fitness band, and, apart from its attractive design, were less than amazed.

However, the Amazfit Pace looks to be a bit more feature-laden. In addition to tracking your runs and activity, it has 4GB of internal storage, so you can bring your tunes with you while you run; that's one of the features we loved with the TomTom Spark 3, our favorite GPS watch. During a run, the Pace records speed, cadence, and altitude, as well as calories burned and heart rate, and syncs with the Strava Run app.

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Additionally, the Pace can sync via Bluetooth with Android or iOS smartphones to deliver email and text notifications, as well as the weather. The Pace also has an optical heart rate monitor, is IP67 water resistant (it can handle a few splashes), and will last up to 36 hours when actively using GPS and heart rate tracking, according to Huami. If that estimate holds true, then the Amazfit Pace would have even better endurance than much more expensive GPS watches, such as the Garmin Fenix 3, which costs about three times as much.

If you want to take advantage of the promotional price, you'll have to go through Amazfit's site; after December 15, the watch will be available on Amazon.

We're interested in putting the Pace through its paces; stay tuned.