HTC One M9 Specs, Photos Reportedly Leak

Spoiler alert -- maybe. HTC will officially unveil its next smartphone March 1, but the sleuths over at MobileGeeks have already leaked what could be pictures and official specs of the One M9.

Based on this report, HTC's new flagship will battle the upcoming Galaxy S6 with the following goodies inside: a 2-GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with microSD expansion.

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The Galaxy S6 will supposedly skip Qualcomm's latest chip in favor of Samsung's own processor. Apparently, HTC didn't find any heat issues with Qualcomm's system on a chip, a rumored weakness that LG had already refuted in regards to its own Snapdragon 810-powered G Flex 2 phone.

The report also says that HTC is ditching the low-resolution Ultrapixel camera on the One's back in favor of a 20-MP sensor, which would give the phone line a much-needed imaging boost. The Ultrapixel shooter apparently isn't going away, though. MobileGeeks says it's being moved to the front.

Although the leaked images make the One M9 look similar to its predecessor, including the dual BoomSound speakers, the article points to two other key enhancements. We could be looking at a lighter design than the One M8 (157 vs 160 grams) and a beefier battery (2900 mAh vs 2600 mAh).

Last but not least, the One M9 will supposedly feature Sense 7 software running on top of Android 5.0, which will focus on personalization. We'll bring you all the official details soon. But in the meantime, do you think this will be enough for HTC to beat Samsung?

via The Verge

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  • Gaidax
    Disappointing to see it looking the same as last year.
  • Steveymoo
    That design is pretty original. </sarcasm>
  • cwolf78
    I read somewhere that these early dev phones are the M9's new innards in a fake shell. The actual design will debut with the production models.
  • Kwuarter
    Maybe I was wrong wanting to be enthusiastic about a new design. I don't know.
  • DonQuixoteMC
    u wot m9?
  • hannibal
    I don't know. If you buy Mercedes, it looks a lot like last years Mercedes. If you buy Ferrari, it looks a lot like Ferrari in the previous year. If you buy iPhone it looks a lot like iPhone last year.
    I think that it is ok to a company have a style of their own. You recognize very quickly, who has made the product. Of course it has to evolve, but it can still remain some characteristic of previous models.
    In that case you just chose a maker that makes cars, phones, clothes that suits your style! It is very hard to maintain recognizable style, if you change it every year!
  • Mark Spoonauer
    15355077 said:
    Disappointing to see it looking the same as last year.

    If it definitely looks similar based on the leaks. But the One M8 was also one of the most beautiful phones yet. If it ain't broke...

    I'm more excited to see if the camera has really caught up -- if the rumors are true. The Ultrapixel back shooter was a downer for me.
  • tntom
    Not sure what everyone is complaining about but this definitely looks nicer than the M8. Notice the smaller radius on all four corners.
  • Roko12
    Over all I loved the design of the m8, so keeping the same look will not bother me at all. The biggest weakness to me was the UltraPixel camera, though it was a great idea trying to distinguish them form he rest I don’t believe it reached an acquit level to surpass rivaling smart phones. I’m eager to see exactly what this phone will offer when reviled.