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HP's Virtual Reality Display Blows Our Minds

I found the future of education in the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display. The 23.6-inch panel has four cameras with full-motion parallax sensors that work in tandem with a pair of 3D glasses and a large stylus to deliver a truly immersive computing experience.

HP showed off several different use cases for the Zvr. One demo required me to dust off my high school anatomy lessons. I was presented with a 3D set of human lungs and heart. Using the stylus, I selected the lungs and removed them from the heart, placing them aside for better access to the beating heart. 

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Once the organ was exposed, I used the stylus to manipulate the various valves and ventricles, alternating between a transparent and opaque view. The level of detail was striking down to the pulmonary vein and artery.

Despite the complex graphics, the system delivered 60 frames per second during my demo, which translated to smooth motions and an incredibly immersive 3D environment.   I was most taken with the how the perspective changed as I moved the heart closer or farther away. Rotating the heart produced a smooth animation with virtually no latency.

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As easy as it is to get taken in by the display, the stylus has a few tricks up its sleeve, too. During the heart demo, the stylus vibrated gently, simulating a heartbeat.

Keeping with its educational purpose, the Zvr can be used with a larger display for group learning. However the larger panel can only show images in plain 3D.

HP has yet to announce pricing or availability, but once it launches, I can forsee a lot of schools clamoring to outfit their classrooms with this highly interactive and immersive learning tool.

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