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Affordable Iris Scanners Finally Hit the Market

Optical scanners are quite popular in film, and have not only been used in hardcore science fiction movies, but also mindless summer blockbusters. The rationale is quite simple: retinal patterns are as unique as a thumbprint. Plus, shooting laser beams across someone's face is infinitely more watchable than some guy pressing his thumb to a keypad.

Biometrics firm Hoyos Corporation wants to make that a reality, and in this case, real life beats Hollywood. The Eyeswipe Nano can look into your eyes (specifically, the iris, which is just as complex as a retina and easier to read) and identify you without having to break your stride. Just check out the video for the original Eyeswipe prototype from a year ago:

At only a quarter of the cost of the previous model and the size of a dollar-bill stack, Hoyos sees the Eyeswipe Nano taking business away from card readers. Think about it, you won't need to carry that security access badge anymore. Just bring your eyes, and you're in.

[source: Hoyos Corporation via Fast Company]