How To Pre-order the Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 figures to be one of the most comprehensive upgrades to the company's smartwatch in recent memory, thanks to its all-new display with slimmer bezels, improved wireless connectivity and life-saving features — like an electrocardiogram sensor.

Credit: Caitlin McGarry/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Caitlin McGarry/Tom's Guide)

You can pre-order the Apple Watch Series 4 from Apple's website or brick-and-mortar locations starting Friday, Sept. 14. It will hit store shelves one week later, on Sept. 21. The aluminum model with GPS starts at $399, and if you'd like a watch with LTE as well, that'll start at $499. Meanwhile, the stainless steel variant starts at $699, and comes with LTE support standard. Adding a Milanese loop band will tack on another $100 to that price.

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The latest Apple Watch can be had in either 40mm or 44 mm case sizes, with the larger size demanding a little extra scratch. A 44mm aluminum case will set you back another $30 on top of what you'd pay for the 40mm version, while the premium for the bigger stainless steel model is $50.

Apple Watch Series 4

So far, only the Apple Store has the Series 4 listed, though it should pop up at other retailers, including Best Buy and Walmart, in the coming days. Additionally, some wireless carriers will sell the LTE-compatible models of the Series 4 as well. Here's pricing and availability from all the carriers currently offering the device:


AT&T doesn't appear to be offering monthly installment plans for the Apple Watch Series 4, offering the 400mm version for $499 and the 44mm model for $529. If you add a Series 4 watch to an eligible AT&T plan, though, the carrier will give you up to $60 in bill credits. Customers who activate and maintain service on their watch can get a $30 activation fee credit plus a $30 service credit.

Apple Watch Series 4


T-Mobile subscribers will find that the new Apple Watch goes for the same full retail price as it does in Apple's stores. Well-qualified customers buying the aluminum model won't have to put up any cash for a down payment. The 40mm model is broken up into 24 monthly installments of $20.83, while the 44mm will cost $22.08 each month over the same period.

Apple Watch Series 4

The stainless steel variants, on the other hand, most definitely will require a down payment: either $171.99 for the 40mm, or $221.99 for the 44mm. After that point, both watches will cost $22 per month for 24 months thereafter. T-Mobile's preorders go live the same day Apple's do: Friday, Sept. 14.


We're still awaiting details on Verizon's pricing structure for the new Apple Watch. But in the meantime, we do know that the 40mm aluminum Series 4 watch with LTE will run $83.33 per month over the course of six months, with no down payment. Verizon hasn't specified pricing on other models like the 44mm aluminum one yet, though presumably you'd spread the $529 cost of that version out over six monthly payments, too.

Verizon says that it's waiving any line charges for a limited time when you activate an Apple Watch using its NumberShare program.

Apple Watch Series 4

Big Red is also offering a slew of promotions, including $50 off any Apple Watch when purchased in tandem with any iPhone on a qualifying device payment plan. That's not only limited to the new iPhone XR, Xs and Xs Max, but some older models as well. Additionally, the carrier is offering 25 percent off certain Beats audio products for Apple Watch buyers.

We're expecting more pricing information from other retailers and wireless providers, so watch this space for updates.

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