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How to Change Your eBay Password

A data breach at eBay has led the online shopping website to urge all of its customers to change their passwords. But changing your eBay password isn't as straightforward as it could be, and some people have had issues making the change. 

Read on to see how to change your eBay password.

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1. Navigate to You'll see a message on the home page urging you to reset your password. Click on "Reset your Password."

2. Enter your eBay-registered email address.

3. Select whether you want to reset your password via an emailed link or via text. For the purposes of this how-to, we chose email.

You should now see this screen. Leave it open in your browser in case you need to resend the email.

4. Click the reset link in the email you receive.

5. Enter a new password when prompted.

Your password should now be reset. You can log back into eBay with it.

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