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iPad 3G Tether Support Seen in iOS 4.2 Beta

Is hotspot tethering coming to the iPad? Steve Jobs reportedly said no back in March, however beta 2 of iOS 4.2 for iPad indicates otherwise.

According to a screenshot of beta 2 sent to 9to5Mac, Internet Tethering is hidden away within the APN Settings on the iPad 3G model. The new dedicated section allows the user to establish a username and password so that additional Wi-Fi devices can access the 3G network through the iPad. This setup is similar to what the iPhone featured before tethering received an official iOS interface.

For now, there’s no indication that the Wi-Fi version will receive tethering support in a future release, allowing it the ability to access the iPhone’s 3G service. As it stands now, the latest beta won’t connect to AT&T’s network; however it has successfully connected to 3’s 3G service over in the UK.

iOS 4.2 is scheduled to arrive on the iPad in November, packing features iPhone users have enjoyed since the release of iOS 4.0 (folders, multi-tasking). The update will also bring wireless printing (finally!), faster browsing, a redesigned black keyboard, and more to the iPad.

Does the iPad 3G really need hotspot tethering?

  • AMD_pitbull
    I still state, as I have at work many times, these tablets are nothing but a fad. The development and design of the touch phones now have far more capabilities then these could ever hope to have, and yet, cost roughly the same price. Sorry, but, I'll save my money and just hope they put that extra development into better cell reception then trying to make a 7-10" phone that can't dial. Cheers
  • Ragnar-Kon
    So uhh, Apple had the iPad and iPhone backwards it seems.
    Multitasking, folders, and wireless printing is stuff that should have shipped with the iPad, not something that appears on it 5-6 months after. The fact that these features appeared on an phone before the iPad just doesn't make sense.

    I personally feel no need to have tethering on the any mobile device. I'm already surrounded by the internet at home and at work. I really don't see why I need it have the internet while I'm driving between home and work as well. I can wait those extra 15 minutes to check my email and surf the internet.

    But then again, I'm someone who doesn't feel any need to have an tablet or a smart phone. Maybe those people out there who are so dependent on their smartphone/tablet will appreciate a tethering feature.
  • SneakySnake
    The R&D that goes into phones goes in pretty much identically to tablets. Especially with the iPad cuz they are running the same OS.

    Also, don't be surprised to see calling features pop up on tablets. Google Voice works on android, and as such any android tablets (galaxy tab) will have calling features. Plus there's always Skype and stuff.
  • eddieroolz
    iPad is so backwards, I don't really know why anyone is still buying it.
  • Hatecrime69
    well at least we know of one more feature at&t won't ever enable for apple users..
  • fjjb
    oooh jeez!! thats Steve Jobs IOS leaked!!! of course its not a normal beta!!! was this beta found on a bar?