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Modular Fireplace Built like Tetris Bricks

Tetris is the granddaddy of all addictive puzzle games. The little Russian brick-stacker has left a neat L-shaped mark on gaming culture that you can expect to see tributes to the game wherever you look. What we didn't expect is to see Tetris blocks near the fireplace.

Fontana Forni, the Italian company known for making ovens, has a special luxury line of modernist fireplaces, called Horus. What stood out most from that collection is a combination fireplace-and-furniture set designed by Paolo Grasselli. The fireplace itself is a minimalist little glass cube with an ethanol-fueled flame. The two companion furniture pieces, on the other hand, are shaped exactly like the L-blocks from Tetris.

You can rearrange these modular components to your heart's content, and come in either red or black with white trim. It would've been nice to have more shapes, like the little T, S and Z blocks, but then as any veteran Tetris player knows, making sure those pieces fit properly can be a chore. Plus you'd have to wait for the really long piece to wipe everything out.

[source: Giornoidea via Born Rich]