Hinge Challenges Tinder for Simple Dating

Tinder hardly has a monopoly on the snap-judgment school of mobile dating apps, and it now has one more competitor in the field. Hinge is a dating app that lets potential matches see all of your user details up front, taking a lot of the guesswork out of online dating.

According to digital culture site re/code, Hinge recently raised $4.5 million from investors, suggesting that there's still plenty of room on the market for fast dating apps. Rather than setting up an extensive profile or answering hundreds of personality questions, Hinge (like Tinder) allows users to simply swipe left or right on potential matches to pass on them or show interest, respectively.

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Like Tinder, Hinge ties directly into a user's Facebook profile. It sets itself apart by using Facebook for more than just photos and profile verification. Users can see each others' full names and Facebook profiles, including height, profession, education, religious views and interests.

While Tinder matches users with anyone in the target area, Hinge restricts the dating pool considerably. You can only match with friends of Facebook friends, although this functionality may change over time. People will burn through their second-degree contacts within a few days, if they're dedicated.

Tinder and Hinge have more in common than they do in contrast, but there are still a few reasons to recommend one over the other. Hinge is brand-new, and has a much smaller user base. If your social circles don't use Hinge, you're not likely to find a match on it. That said, users know basically nothing about one another on Tinder before they chat, meaning Hinge could help make smarter matches.

Both apps are free and tie into Facebook, so the lovelorn may as well try both. Tinder and Hinge are both available for iOS and Android.

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