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3D Holographic Avatar Holds Live Concert

It starts off like a regular concert, with the lights dimmed and the band slowly taking their place in the background. Then the lead vocalist gets the crowd going with some cheery J-Pop. Except the lead vocalist isn't really human. She's a CGI character, and she's projected live on the stage in 3-D.

The first thing going through your mind must be, "what gives, Japan?! We're still at the experimental stages of making crappy green holograms that move at one frame every two seconds!" You'd think that the CGI is all done post-production, except for the fact that there's a video of the rehearsals. You can clearly see our cyber-anime lass strutting her stuff as she's projected live onto a glass screen.

True, it's not the full parallax holography that our own researchers are working on. That doesn't change the fact that the 3D effect still looks far more advanced than anything we've come up with so far.

That's not the only thing astounding about this concert. See, that little CGI girl? Her name is Hatsune Miku. "She" is actually a vocaloid, a program that synthesizes human speech to the point that it can sing.

Is it starting to become clear now? A singing computer program, using holographic technology that theoretically shouldn't exist yet? We've discovered your secret, Japan: you've sold your souls to the machine overlords!

[source: 39's Thanksgiving Day]