Harley Quinn Does Damage In 'Infinite Crisis' Game

Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. Games revealed its latest profile video for its online action MMO "Infinite Crisis," highlighting the very dangerous Harleen Quinzel, also known as Harley Quinn. She serves as a powerful right-hand lady to the deadly prankster himself, the Joker, but doesn't need his help when it comes to ruling the battlefield.

In the video, her abilities are explained. For instance, she can increase her attack and move speed boosts, while also providing the same to a nearby ally. She can also throw pies from a distance at foes, though these are hardly the harmless banana cream kind. They prioritize Champion targets, and can be thrown in multiples, causing damage to more than one enemy at a time. 

Other abilities include Back Off, Best Medicine, and, our personal favorite, Puddin' Time, where she unleashes a wide-range sledgehammer attack, impacting anyone within its range.

Interested players can sign up for "Infinite Crisis'" free beta at Infinitecrisis.com.

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  • internetlad
    nice ad, toms.
  • bloodroses75
    I have been playing the closed beta for a while now so I am glad a new character has been added (haven't been on in over a week to notice). Too bad it is another character from the Batman universe as it seems over half the characters already are. At least the game is in beta and more characters will continue to follow; as well as issues addressed such as excessive snowballing and character balance.
  • belardo
    Hmmmm.... Harley Quinn, this past Halloween... skin tight outfit...