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Google Glass Pivots, Nest CEO Takes Over

Google Glass is dead, long live Google Glass. The California tech giant will reportedly stop selling the existing version of its debut smartglasses, with an updated version to be released under the new leadership of Tony Fadell, the CEO of Google-owned smart home company Nest.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will end sales of its $1,500 wearable on Jan. 19, while simultaneously ending the Explorer program that lets select enthusiasts test drive the device. The Verge reports that Google Glass head Ivy Ross will continue to work on the project under Fadell, who will continue to run Nest separately from Glass

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There's no word on when to expect a future version of Glass, or how Fadell's smart home expertise will influence Google's smartglasses. The current Nest CEO is no stranger to mobile, having previously worked on Apple's iPod and iPhone, and a future in which Glass interacts with Nest products in the home seems fathomable.

Released to consumers for the first time in Spring 2014, Google Glass earned a mixed review from Tom's Guide. We praised the wearable's camera, design and accurate voice recognition, but found that its limited battery life made it hard to justify its steep price tag.

Whether you're a self-proclaimed Glasshole or are still eager to eventually own your own pair of Google specs, rest assured that a revised model is in the pipeline. If, for some reason, you're dying to own the device's current $1,500 iteration, you've only got a few days to act.

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