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Here’s All the Options In Gmail’s New Right-Click Menu

It looks like the web version of Gmail is getting a lot more useful, thanks to new additions to the context menu you access by right-clicking on your mouse or touchpad.

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(Image credit: Shutterstock)

This is a big improvement over the lame three right-click options Gmail users have had: archive, mark as unread, and delete.

The new features will reach paid Gsuite users first. The gradual rollout yesterday (February 11) for companies that have the “rapid release” selected in their upgrade options, while scheduled release domains rollout will start on February 22.

There’s no word yet about when the update will free users. The new options include the following:


Reply or forward an email, so you don’t have to click on the message before taking these actions.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

Reply All

This option comes in handy since most of us typically open a message first and then hunt for the Reply All button.

Find emails from sender

Search for all emails from a sender, which is particularly useful to quickly access your history with that person.

Search subject

If conversation view is turned off (see image below), you will be able to search for all emails with the same subject for quick access to the thread’s history.

Open in new window

Open multiple emails in multiple new windows at the same time, which is very useful in case you want to serially take care of different subjects without having to go back and forth.

Add label/move

And perhaps the most useful for those obsessed with mail classification: add a label or move an email, individually or in bulk.

Mark as Unread

This can make it easier to find important messages as you scan your inbox.


With the snooze option you can temporarily remove items from your inbox until you need them later. You can decide the timeframe, whether it's tomorrow or next week. And if you snooze something by accident of just need to see it, there's a Snoozed option under the Menu.

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