Gap AR App Could Make Fitting Rooms Obsolete

If the Gap and Google have their way, the fitting room might become a thing of the past.

During this year's Google I/O, I saw a new app that lets you see how a potential outfit will fit without having to peel all your clothes off in front of a sketchy dressing room with what might be a two-way mirror. Okay paranoia aside, this is a pretty cool app.

Credit: Sherri Smith

(Image credit: Sherri Smith)

Dubbed Dressing Room by Gap, the app is a Google Project Tango-exclusive, which means it will only work on phones that support the augmented reality technolgy platform. It hasn't been determined if the app will be made available to consumers or be available in Gap stores.

The demo was performed on an Asus Zenfone AR. Once the app launches, you have the option of trying out clothing for men and women. After you select a garment from the virtual shelf, the app lets you choose the size of the clothing as well as the body size so you can get a better idea of how the clothes will fit.

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My demo started with a cute, striped tunic. Choosing to view the shirt in a medium generated a mannequin modeling the clothing. The augmented reality model could then be rotated 360 degrees so you can see your potential new outfit. When the Google rep moved closer to the digital garment, I could see the finer details of the tunic, such as the delicate stripes in the fabric.

If you like what you see, there's a purchase button in the lower-right corner so you can add the piece to your wardrobe. All in all, the Dressing Room by Gap app is a great example of how AR can be used outside of gaming.

However, I would like to see Google and the Gap take things one step further and add body type (pear, apple, hourglass) to the list of choices so prospective buyers can get a more accurate look at how their clothes will fit. But for what it is, Dressing Room by Gap is a fun, practical app that could change the way we buy clothes.

Sherri L. Smith

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