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Samsung Teases Foldable Phone Unveiling for Nov. 7

Samsung may have just officially tweeted the incoming announcement of the new Galaxy X, a phone that will easily fit in your pocket and then expand to a mini-tablet size out of it.

Credit: Samsung/YouTube

(Image credit: Samsung/YouTube)

The alleged intro date is November 7, when the Samsung Developer Conference opens in San Francisco, California.Check out the teaser below.

The teaser contains what seems to be an obvious and clear hint: It begins with a flat horizontal line that opens like the foldable Galaxy is supposed to do. The tag line “Where Now Meet Next” then appears to its left. The line acts then like an arrow head to the Samsung Developer Conferenced dates — November 7 and 8 — just before fully opening flat.

Sure, this may be just wishful thinking, but the action seems way too obvious to think it’s just a graphical gimmick and not a clear hint to the introduction of the fabled phone, codenamed Winner. There are more reasons for this to be about the Galaxy X (or F, depending on who you ask).

First and foremost, Samsung is in dire need for some kind of marketing victory, especially after the negative reception to its Galaxy S9 flagship.

On top of that, Apple and Google have been getting all the headlines and critical praise for the new iPhone XS, iPhone XR,  Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

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And let’s not forget about its Asian archrival Huawei stealing the throne for the most feature-packed Android phone with its Mate Pro 20. Plus, Xiaomi has the upcoming Mi Mix 3, which seems like an extremely cool piece of hardware.

Huawei is racing Samsung to announce the world’s first foldable phone, too, so the Korean company can’t lose that battle to them. In fact, Huawei’s CEO just announced plans to launch the Chinese company’s foldable phone with 5G capabilities.

Finally, Samsung recently got a patent registered at the World Intellectual Property Organization detailing how this magic phone may work.

Every bit of circumstantial evidence seems to point to the fact that, indeed, this is a hint about the future of Samsung. And its Developer Conference is the perfect place and time to hit all its enemies, compelling consumers to hold their horses for next year, when the foldable Galaxy is supposed to arrive on the market.

Of course, that will also affect its own Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9, but the latter phone will soon be replaced by the notchless Galaxy S10. Only two more weeks and we may finally learn what the future of phones really looks like.