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Samsung Confirms Galaxy S8 Launching Later Than Hoped

Samsung has officially thrown water on hopes that it would unveil its Galaxy S8 flagship handset next month at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin told reporters in Korea on Monday that Samsung will not announce its Galaxy S8 at MWC and did not say when the handset, which is expected to come with several new features, might make its way to store shelves.

Blue Coral Galaxy S7/Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Blue Coral Galaxy S7/Credit: Samsung)

According to Reuters, which reported on Koh's comments, Samsung wants to ensure the same troubles it experienced with last year's Galaxy Note 7 don't happen again with the Galaxy S8.

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Koh's comments came on the sidelines of a press event in Korea on Monday, during which Samsung announced the results of an investigation into the Galaxy Note 7's troubles. The company said that its investigation revealed battery defects and design flaws in the batteries it had used with its Galaxy Note 7 that caused the trouble. In a statement to reporters, Koh said his company "will be working hard to regain consumer trust."

Based on the rumors for Samsung's Galaxy S8, the smartphone gives Samsung a great shot at redemption. It's expected to sport dual cameras, a true edge-to-edge design, a faster processor and a new AI assistant named Bixby that will go right up against Siri and Google Assistant.

Historically, Samsung has used Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as its setting for new Galaxy S device releases. And in the last few weeks, some rumors have suggested the company would keep that schedule in 2017. However, those reports followed other reports that said Samsung was planning an April unveiling and launch for its handset.

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