Samsung Reveals Top Three Galaxy Note 9 Features Early

With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is hoping to solve the biggest problems we have with smartphones today: pitiful battery life, slow processors and minimal storage space.

In three 30-second previews Samsung released on Thursday (July 26), the company didn’t take aim at its usual target, Apple’s iPhones. Instead, using one of its own Galaxy devices, Samsung played out three familiar scenarios every smartphone user has faced.

The first teaser shows a phone battery on its last legs as a person frantically tries to keep it alive by lowering the brightness, disabling GPS, turning off Wi-Fi, closing apps — all the standard tricks.

The video closes with a hint: “Battery can’t keep up? A lot can change in a day.”

A second clip shows a woman trying to download and review an important file, but its progress is stuck at 28 percent. She turns off automatic updates, switches to Wi-Fi, then turns cellular back on before giving up and rebooting her device. "Phone too slow? A lot can change in a day."

The third Note 9 teaser addresses that awful "Storage Full" alert we've all gotten at one point or another. The clip shows a person frantically deleting apps, photos, videos — anything to free up space for an important work presentation. "Storage too full? A lot can change in a day."

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The date of Samsung’s next Unpacked event, August 9, flashes on-screen at the end of each teaser. That’s when we expect to see the Galaxy Note 9, and Samsung is clearly setting the stage for a Galaxy Note with a bigger battery, faster processor and more internal storage.

On the battery front, the Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to sport a 4,000 mAh power pack. That’s a bump from the the 3,300 mAh battery in the Note 8, which should help Note 9 buyers wring a few more hours out of their devices. (Once the phone ships, we’ll put the next Note through our own battery test to validate any claims Samsung makes, of course.)

The last time a Galaxy Note battery made headlines, it was for a very different reason. The Galaxy Note 7 also sported a bigger battery, but that component made phones burst into flame. Samsung changed its processes and Galaxy batteries have been problem-free ever since.

The Note 9 may also ship in two storage variations: 64GB and 512GB. It's unclear what Samsung will do to improve the already mighty performance that flagship Android phones put in with the help of Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 845 processor. We'll find out on August 9.

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