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Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Really Colorful

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will come in a host of color options for shoppers to consider, according to reports.

This could include a new Deep Blue option that would really make Samsung's dual-camera phablet stand out versus other Android phones.

Credit: Olixar/MobileFun

(Image credit: Olixar/MobileFun)

In a tweet earlier this week that was picked up by Valuewalk on Wednesday (July 26), serial leaker Roland Quandt revealed that the Galaxy Note 8 will come in Black, Orchid Grey, and Deep Blue colors. Quandt didn't cite his sources for the news, but it's believed Samsung will indeed offer mutliple color options in its upcoming handset.

Samsung has used Black and Orchid Grey in previous devices, including this year's Galaxy S8. Black is the standard hue, of course, but Orchid Grey has been generally well-received.

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Deep Blue hasn't yet been offered in a Samsung device, making the Galaxy Note 8 potentially the first to come with the color. It's unclear what the Deep Blue option might look like, but Valuewalk suggests it might be a darker blue than the Coral Blue Samsung has been offering in its high-end handsets since the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note line has historically played host to new colors. Those that prove popular, like the Coral Blue version, then find their way to other high-end Samsung smartphones.  But Samsung might have more planned for the Galaxy Note 8's colors than just those three options.

Quandt was quick to note in the tweet that his sources suggest those three colors could just be the start. Samsung could offer more color options than just three, though the sources didn't confirm what those might be.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 8 at a press event in New York City on Aug. 23. When it does, look for the device to come with a curved, 6.3-inch screen. The Galaxy Note 8 will likely also pack a Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor, 6GB of RAM and new dual cameras that reportedly provide a 3X optical zoom. Also look for an updated S Pen for more accurate digital writing.

Stay tuned for more details.

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