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Streetlamp Concept Converts Smog to Fuel

With smog emissions becoming more and more harmful to our health and environment, Hungarian designer Peter Horvath has come up with an industrious soltion. Called the Biolamp, Horvath's creation is designed to replace street lamps in cities that are filled with vehicles emitting harmful smog gases.

The Biolamps placed in cities would then convert carbon-dioxide into energy that powers the lamps while simultaneously providing a cleaner and healthier environment for the people. The Biolamp is equipped with a special liquid made of of water and alga that is able to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. This liquid works thanks to a pump which sucks in the smog from the top and circulates the liquid in the inner spiral system of the lamp.

Throughout the day, the Biolamp uses a combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to transform the alga into biomass that powers the lamps at night. In addition, the Biolamp is designed so that the biomass created from this process can be transported to the closest filter station via underground tubes where it will be turned into biofuel to power eco vehicles. 

Bet you've never imagined a street lamp to be so green.