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Facebook's Reaction Emoji Let You Go Beyond Likes

The new emoji set that Facebook is testing. Image: TechCrunch

The new emoji set that Facebook is testing. Image: TechCrunch

Facebook users have been clicking Like on posts to show their approval for years, but what about those who want to express their surprise or disgust? According to reports, the social network is currently testing Reactions: a set of emoji that will let users better show their amusement, shock or rage for your latest status update.

These new buttons aren't quite available everywhere – according to TechCrunch, the new emoji are being tested out in Spain and Ireland to see how people actually use them. This change comes only a month after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – speaking at a town hall Q&A event at Facebook’s headquarters – gave users hope that the company was looking beyond its signature Like thumbs-up button. 

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Zuckerberg’s explanation for why the company is skipping past the Dislike feature request was that it could “turn Facebook into a forum where people are voting up or down on people’s posts. That doesn’t seem like the kind of community we want to create.”

That's likely a reference to the rocky year of user turmoil and revolt that website Reddit has faced. It's worth noting that while the rageful Anger emoji is the closest thing to Dislike that Facebook is considering giving its users, there are a ton of more emotive upset stickers hidden under the smile-face button in the comment area. Even without Reactions, there are no shortage of ways to express your emotions.

There is no schedule yet for when Reactions will roll out to all users, so those eager to try it will need to relocate to Spain or Ireland, or show their joy and rage using the colorful stickers available in the comments section.