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One-Wheeled Concept Looks Like the Disk of Death

Straight from Prinyaka Martin's imagination is the Eos Triton, a one-wheeled vehicle that keeps its balance thanks to "gyroscope technology". In fact, the entire concept vehicle is a wheel, with the passenger and the things that make it run framed by a rotating outer ring.

With illustrations showcasing a black-and-red color scheme, the Eos Triton looks a menacing disk of death, quietly navigating city roads and pedestrian trails. And if those red lines actually light up, you can expect people to shrink from fear—or leaving those who enjoy Tron-like aesthetics beaming with admiration.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about the mechanics of Eos Triton. Does it lean to turn? What does it run on? Martin says her vehicle is for the luxury market however, and that it drives itself, so we can expect some high-quality amenities in the passenger cabin. The problem? She figures such an advanced vehicle won't debut until around 2025.

Eos Triton Transportation 2025