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DS and PS3 Buildings: Coming Soon?

In the pictures below, construction progresses on buildings shaped like a Nintendo DS, the PS3, and the NES respectively. Or at least it seems that way. The images are actually the work of Joseph Ford, a photographer who specializes in fulfilling fantasy through Photoshop

But the credit doesn't belong solely to Ford, who relied on a little help from 3D modeler Antoine Mairot to make these geek-friendly whimsies a virtual reality. Someone called Mohamed Barech also pitched in as artistic director, with Francis Brochenin responsible for some photo retouching.

At least that's what Google Translate says, because our source is in French (maybe we can get some help from the BoM head office?). Regardless of whoever's really behind the project, If I Were President is a very apt title for the photo series. Nothing says you want to change reality more than wishing you were a nation's chief executive.

Of the three, only the DS seems to have a useful purpose, other than being a potential tourist attraction. The "screen" is actually a series of solar cells bunched together. Perhaps another design could make use of the space as a large-format display.

Would you like to see a building shaped like a gaming console? What about buildings shaped like famous gadgets? Let us know in the comments below.

If I Were President