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Destiny 2 Already in Works

You can't control Destiny — from getting a sequel, at least. During an earnings call on Nov. 4, Activision executives announced the no-brainer news that work has begun on a follow-up to its popular multiplayer sci-fi shooter.

While no specifics were given on the content or release window of Destiny 2 (or whatever fancy subtitle it eventually receives), Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said during the call that "work has also begun on future expansion packs, as well as on our next full game release."

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Of course, you won't have to wait for a Destiny sequel to find new ways to kill the game's many angry aliens. The title will receive its first expansion pack on Dec. 9 with The Dark Below ($20 by itself, $35 as part of a season pass), which adds new story content, a cooperative Strike mission, more competitive multiplayer maps and a new Raid, the latter of which requires six high-level players to conquer a series of increasingly difficult challenges.

While tons of people are playing Destiny — Activision announced that the game has 9.5 million registered users who play an average of 3 hours a day — not everyone is completely in love with it. In our review, we praised the gorgeous graphics and tight shooting mechanics that developer Bungie delivered, but found the game's mission structure and story overwhelmingly bland. These sentiments are largely echoed by the Destiny community, some of whom claim the game still feels like a beta and not like a complete product. 

Bungie has stated that it has at least a 10-year-plan for Destiny, though it was unclear whether that plan involved continuously building on the core game or releasing sequels. Based on Activision's announcement, it looks like the developer is doing a bit of both. Destiny's looming sequel puts the pressure on Bungie to deliver with its upcoming The Dark Below and House of Wolves expansions; if the game improves significantly over the next year, perhaps players will be less weary to carry their Guardian into the developer's next adventure.

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