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Desktop Graphics Ambitions: ATi Mobile Radeon 9800


We have expanded the benchmark suite to include the game Farcry. "What took you so long?" many will ask. The simple answer to this question is that until now it hardly made sense to test notebooks with this game. This is because the graphics performance of the average notebook is simply too poor.

Benchmarks & Settings
Sysmark 2002Version 1.0
MobileMark2002Version 1.0
Quake III Team ArenaTHG3.dem, command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0Graphics detail = High Quality
Halo Ver. /Combat EvolvedTimedemo Pixelshader 2.0 Settings
UT2003 Ver.2225Antalus Flyby Demo/Inferno Demo
Aquamark 3Timedemo
Splintercell EMEA1_1_1 Tibilis Demo
FarcryPatch 1.1 Video Option: Very High XGA-32Bit, Demo: cooler01
Driver & Software
Graphics DriverMobility RADEON 9800 8.01-040421a-015066E-ATI (Inspiron XPS)
Mobility RADEON 9800 8.013.1-040610a-016169E-Dell (Inspiron 9100)
MOBILITY RADEON 9600 6.14.0010.6378
GeForce FX Go5650 6.14.0010.4482
DirectXVersion: 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902)
OSWindows XP Pro, Build 2600 SP1 (2600.xpsp2.030422-1633)

Note that different drivers were used for the test on the two test systems. The driver on the Inspiron XPS showed better performance. According to Dell, the driver on the Inspiron 9100, whose driver core corresponds to the shipping driver, also has several performance problems when it comes to OpenGL applications. At least, this is what our results under Quake 3 Arena show. For this reason, we decided to test the XPS with the driver provided us by ATi.

We informed Dell of these driver problems and they are working on eliminating the driver bug that occurs in interaction with OpenGL applications.