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EcoDrive Brings Long-Awaited Bicycle Upgrades

Bicycles may be the green transport of choice, but it's not without disadvantages. This concept entry for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition plans to address most of those, except for the part where it's driven by pure muscle power.

The Ecodrive trades in the usual welded-pipe look for a sleeker, curvier form, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. For one, the chains are hidden inside the futuristic aluminum frame, so your pants won't get caught in them. Then, there's the built-in lights to give it more traffic-worthiness: a headlight up front, and two signaling lights at the rear.

Finally, it comes with a built-in smartphone dock. Not only do you get access to calling and music playback features, you can also use it to measure riding distance and navigate via GPS. Sounds like a winner in my book. And for the Koreans? At the very least, a bronze medal.

[source: Designjoo]