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Tesla Motors Model S to Use Mercedes-Benz Parts

Tesla Motors makes cars that we want. Well, right now they make car that we want, but that that upcoming Model-S sure looks nice.

While Tesla must have some investors with very deep pockets bringing to market something like the Model-S is a monumental challenge for any car maker, let alone one that’s quite young.

Enter Daimler (best known for Mercedes-Benz), which today announced that it has taken a 10 percent stake in Tesla Motors.

Daimler and Tesla Motors aren’t complete strangers, as both recently collaborated in making the electric-powered Smart Car.

According to Reuters, Tesla will be allowed to rummage through Mercedes-Benz’s part bins for the final design and production of the Model-S electric sedan, which sounds like a good idea as it’ll give the new car tested parts and leave the company with more resources to develop the electric powertrain.

Hopefully this will mean that Mercedes-Benz cars will eventually get to tap into some of Tesla’s technology.

Read more about the Tesla Model-S sedan here, which is slated for a 2011 launch.