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Covini, the 6-Wheel Drive Sportscar

No, this isn't a botched Photoshop job. What you see before you is an actual working model of possibly the craziest idea ever put into production. You can thank Italian auto manufacturer Covini Engineering for this unusual car. It goes by the name of the C6W, because yes, you guessed it, this car has six wheels total.

It may seem extraneous, but according to Covini, having an extra pair of front tires gives this car better handling. You'll get tighter steering, more responsive braking, as well as minimizing uncontrolled skids. If that's not enough, then rest assured the C6W is also a purebred race car, with an Audi V-8 engine providing all the kick it needs.

Covini is close to releasing the C6W; the pictured car is the final production model, not a prototype. It looks like we'll soon see just how good six wheels are—or how appealing it will be for the auto market.

[source: Jalopnik via Popular Science]