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Social Media Posts Give Comedian Psychic Abilities

How do you freak someone out within seconds? Walk up to them and start telling them info about themselves, as if you are psychic. Comedian Jack Vale did just that, but the info wasn’t taken from the ether. He got all the details from people’s Twitter and Instagram posts, after they posted items that included their location.

Vale called the endeavor a social media experiment. After a simple search for posts that were near his location, determined by mobile phone GPS, he was able to find those who made these posts. He approaches each one and slowly doles info and near misses, as if he is a psychic. And how do they react? Best to watch the video and see for yourself:

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While Vale plays it for laughs, there are a few uncomfortable moments as people are clearly disturbed by his ability to divulge so much info about them. And yet, this is info they put out in the world themselves. Having all these facts returning to them outside of the expected context is what bothers or angers the people he approaches. But we are the ones who share this data to friends and friends-of-friends and even to strangers.

For those who want to prevent the possibility of getting info-ambushed, you should turn off location sharing for your social media apps in your phone’s settings. Or go to each app and manually turn off location sharing or make the accounts private, say, for friends only. Beyond that, it is up to each person to be cognizant about what details they spread to the Internet.

Source: Jack Vale via Graham Cluley

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  • BranFlake5
    This just proves how revealing we are as a whole online community. Social media definitely is dangerous, I wouldn't be laughing like these guys, I'd be real scared and probably change my habits.
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