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Circuit City Offers Discount Dignity

These are tough times we’re living in and while not a day goes by without hearing about a friend or friend of a friend who’s lost his or her job, it’s nice to see that the Circuit City staff are in high spirits in light of last week’s news.

Circuit City announced that it would be closing its stores permanently on March 8, making this past weekend customers’ last chance to grab that last clear-out sale item. Gizmodo yesterday posted a picture of a poster taken at Circuit City store. The poster in he window was supposed to show some of the in-store offers but instead advertised dignity at 0.2 percent off and Linoleum at 2000 percent off. Check out the original picture below.

Yesterday’s events represent a slightly earlier-than-expected closing date. Liquidation sales of Circuit City’s $1.7 billion in inventory started on January 17 and was expected to last eight weeks.

“Thanks to record shopper turnout at many of the store locations and the attractive discounts offered on all merchandise, the sales actually went quicker than we expected,” noted Scott Carpenter, executive VP for Great American Group, which has been overseeing all the sales activity as part of a joint venture group.

However, judging from your comments last week, you guys didn’t really get many great deals from CC. Were there any changes over the weekend? Let us know!

(via Gizmodo)

  • AndrewMD
    There were some deals, but in these economic times, I could not justify picking up multiple equipments and such to resale...

    I did however do this a few years ago when CompUSA went the way of the wind...

  • eklipz330
    ..they probably marked up that linoleum by 3000% before cutting the price by 2000%
  • Still most tings online where lower or = price to what they where selling marked down if they where actually lower then buying it online it was all gone by the 3rd week for people willing just to knock off the sales tax to be sold.
  • I live very close to cc and i went in there almost evry other day, i was interested in buying a tv even towards the last day most of the prices were higher or about $100 off an open box. My local store Bernie's were willing to meet or beat the prices cc were offering, so ended up buying a brand new tv that i wanted $50 cheaper than cc. I don't think cc lost any money selling their merchandise, it was a scam from the begining to the end.
  • AdamB5000
    I saw some open box 50" 1080p Panasonic Plasmas for $1k on 3/7. The boxed version did not have a price and I didn't ask as I wasn't going to buy one. Those were the only tvs left.
  • met_quota
    Grabed a few items at 30% off, just to realize later that their discount equals to regular amazon prices. CC won't be missed, I got some CDs nobody wanted at 80%, about $4 for a cd.
  • jsloan
    i'm sad to see cc go away, the more the merrier, more competition, choice, ect.

    but i've read that the discounts were not all that great, if at all. basically they marked up the price to list and then discounted a little from that.
  • The First few weeks i sadly bought 2 items that were marked 25% off.. but later discovered they were marked up 35%.. thus i ended up paying 10% more than what i could of payed for from Wal-Mart,Best Buy, or GameStop. They were very slick about Highlighting the terms on the Receipt claiming items purchased can not be returned.... they didnt say that but they made sure they marked it for me to find later when i digged through the bag to look at my not so saving. GG at not having my new BBerry with Net on me to check prices on the fly. :(

    BUT this week i & a few others picked up some $50 PC games for $15-25.

    Always research what your going to purchase before looking at the flashy % off's.
  • ggb667
    A friend bought a TV, it was broken, no returns!
  • dark_lord69
    I've never liked CC's high prices or the people that work there. They didn't know jack. One younger store rep tryed telling someone else that you can't tune in HD stations with an antenna. I knew he was wrong cause that's all I had at home and I watched the local news in HD everynight. I wouldn't believe their "knowledgable" staff as far as I can throw them... But on the other hand you can't trust any store to know what you need. They are just trained to sell and read the features on the box for you. For Radio Shack their motto used to be "You've got questions, we've got answers." I used to joke and say "I've got questions they can't answer." Circuit City will NOT be missed by me. And no, I did not know that it would be closed this weekend so I didn't go. If you wanted to find a good price on something Circuit City was NOT the place to go.
    Try these: