Chrome on Android Update Allows Users to Bypass Mobile View

Perhaps one of the most polarizing experiences of browsing the Internet with mobile or tablet devices is automatic redirection to mobile "friendly" layouts, which usually either aren’t so “friendly” or easy on the eyes. Certain sites go so far as to prevent your ability to switch to regular site view by redirecting you immediately back to the mobile site.

Fortunately, Google understands such a plight and has implemented a new feature in the latest version of Chrome for Android, which prevents sites from automatically redirecting Android users to mobile versions of sites. Chrome does this by altering the browser’s User Agent String, which in turn alters what platform websites think you’re visiting with. As a result, you’re able to load sites in desktop view that would otherwise insist on you viewing the site in the mobile layout at a simple touch of a button.

Sadly for those who don’t have the latest Android devices and have been left behind from the Ice Cream Sandwich update, Chrome for Android is currently only available on Android 4.0 (note: the stock browser in ICS also has the ability to request for a desktop version of a website). Everyone else will have to hang their heads sadly and use a web browser alternative. 

Catherine Cai is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, VG 24/7, RipTen, and The Game Fanatics. She has also worked as a lead producer for video game projects, a manager and lighting director for the stage, and a software engineer. Currently, she works as a Production Engineering Manager for Shopify.