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Robot Draws Russian GM at Speed Chess

If chess is the ultimate general's game, then speed chess is the field commander's. It's got the tactical depth of the regular game, but with time constraints that's more closely resembles the seat-of-the-pants decision-making a real firefight requires. So why in the world are we training robots to beat us in this kind of match?

Enter the Chess Terminator by Konstantin Kosteniuk, a machine designed to think as fast as a human grandmaster. It determines the layout of the playing field thanks to sensor-embedded pieces, and responds accordingly. The three-pronged claw helps it move its pieces to robotic victory, as well as hitting the timer in a split second.

The Terminator's most recent display of chess mastery? It played against Russian grandmaster and former world champion Vladimir Kramnik in a high-speed gameboard blitzkrieg. Kramnik was so impressed, he immediately offered a draw in under 3 minutes, but the robotic battlemaster would have none of it, and tried to rip puny human's arm right off. 

The funny thing is the match still ended up a draw. I guess the Terminator, for all its calculating prowess, still can't factor in a human's capability to force a stalemate. Let's just hope future John Connor brushes up on his chess!

[source: Chess in Translation via Gizmag]