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Call of Duty Players Decimate World Population

Just how popular has Call of Duty: Black Ops Been? Statistics released by developer Treyarch last week indicate that the game’s players have killed the equivalent of 69% of the world’s population—a death toll of around 4.7 billion. 23,548,521 players died as a result of backstabs, while over 2 billion rounds of ammunition have been fired by players.

More gameplay statistics: 345,234 players picked up the gun of a recent kill, then used the same gun to kill its previous owner. Jeffrey MacCormack finds the stats disturbing, citing that “1,193,221 people have stalked another soldier for a full minute before knifing him in the back, then laughing.”

But what’s probably more important for Treyarch and publisher Activision are the numbers: the first 5 days of Black Ops on the market have grossed over $650 million. No doubt the result of a massive (and expensive) marketing campaign, but the latest Call of Duty game has most likely been a sound investment for everyone involved.