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USB Mailbox Changes Color as You Get Messages

If you somehow don't use screen alerts for your messaging services, and want a visual reminder of your procrastination, here's an $18 USB peripheral available for pre-order. The USB Mail Box Friends Alert is a small plastic mailbox that lights up and plays a sound when a new mail or message comes in, flipping up its own little flag to draw your attention.

According to retailer Brando, supported services include Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Windows Live, Live Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and generic POP3 email. The mailbox actually turns from green to red to indicate how many unanswered messages you have.

This Windows-only accessory (XP, Vista, or 7) weighs a light 8 grams, is a tiny 28 x 35 x 20 mm, and comes with a User Manual and "CD Driver." Brando will start shipping this baby "in the Mid of July, 2010"

USB Mail Box Friends Alert ($18)