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Boeing Fights Fires With Gigantic Water Balloons

Raging forest fires can be devastating to the environment, destroying entire ecosystems in a matter of hours. Despite the hard work of firefighters around the clock, sometimes there just isn't enough water. Current methods of firefighting require massive amounts of water that usually aren't easy to find in arid areas where wildfires are common. Hoping to resolve this issue, Boeing intends to utilize its intelligent airplane technology to assist in firefighting.

Although you might not consider using gigantic water balloons to be the most sophisticated of ideas, Boeing's new firefighting system is much more advanced than those puny water balloons you buy in the store. The Precision Container Aerial Delivery System (PCADS) features a much larger, more durable and environmentally friendly design.

Boeing's system features several water balloons that can hold up to 250 gallons of water or specialized fire-retardant. The idea is to equip regular C-130 cargo planes with several water balloons that can be dropped at a much higher altitude than traditional firefighting airplanes. This results in a much more accurate method of delivery that can cover an even broader area than conventional air-drop methods.

For more information on PCADS be sure to head on over to Boeing's page here.