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Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker Tells Mom When She's Really In Labor

Pregnant women may soon be able to regularly check in on the health of their growing baby without heading to the hospital, thanks to a wearable device.

The gadget, called Bloomlife, is attached with a disposable adhesive about two inches below the belly button and can be worn occasionally, overnight or all day to monitor activity in the womb.

Credit: Bloomlife

(Image credit: Bloomlife)

Currently it's meant to monitor labor contractions as well as what's known as "false" or Braxton-Hicks contractions, measuring their duration and frequency and indicating when it's time to head to the hospital.

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For now, it's meant to be worn during the third trimester of pregnancy, and it's available via subscription that costs $149 for one month, $249 for two months and $299 for three months.

Ultimately, Bloomlife co-founder and CEO Eric Dy hopes to refine the device and its companion app to help monitor fetal movement, a baby's heart rate and other measures of distress throughout pregnancy just as well as larger medical equipment in a hospital might.

In fact, Dy hopes to see his device as a mainstay in hospitals or doctors' offices, but for that to happen, it'll have to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. Until then, all of Bloomlife's research and user feedback is being gathered to get that government agency's approval.