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Get Ready for Health Monitoring LED Implants

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch TV on.. your arm? A team of researchers at the University of Illinois is conducting research and development of new microscopic LED arrays that can be implanted under human skin to monitor health as well as deliver cancer-destroying medication.

The team of researchers have published details of their latest LED advancement, showing off tiny LED arrays that are 100 x 100 micrometres and a puny 2.5 micrometres thick. To get an idea of how small these LED arrays really are, a single red blood cell is about 8 micrometres in diameter while hair and paper are about 80-90 micrometres thick. The LED arrays are coated in silicone and rubber which makes them virtually waterproof and safe to put under human skin.

Although there is an infinite number of practical applications of this technology, the team is looking into its use in photodynamic drug therapy, a process in which cancer tumors are injected with light absorbing chemicals and then exposed to light, triggering reactions that destroy cancer cells.

This awesome LED technology is still being developed and tested but we can't help but think of the numerous possibilities- light up tattoos, televisions on your arm, human christmas trees... what kind of ideas do you guys have? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Cnet