12 Best Chrome OS Games

Chrome OS and the Chrome browser aren't the first thing that come to mind when you mention gaming, but the Chrome Web Store fields a lively stable of gaming apps and browser extensions. Check out these action, RPG, strategy and casual games if you're looking for a browser-based pastime or quick gaming fix for your Chromebook.

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Unleash some heavy metal mayhem with Airmech, a sci-fi MOBA game that sees you piloting a transformable robot fighter plane as you lead waves of your troops against the enemy base. Players can engage in three versus three team battles, or join up in four player survival games against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Players can earn Kudos in game which they can spend on Airmechs, or spend real money on the game's premium currency, diamonds.


Stranded on an island full of mysterious Wildlings and dangerous Ferals, Polycraft challenges players to survive, explore, and thrive. Polycraft mixes in the survival and resource-gathering mechanics of games like Minecraft with traditional tower defense gameplay. The game's neat art style and simple gameplay are endearing, and make for a fun pastime on your browser or ChromeOS machine. The game is free, with the option to spend real money for a premium currency, Amber.


When you need to unwind with some relaxing puzzle, give Entanglement a go. A gorgeously designed tile puzzle game, Entanglement challenges players to lay down tiles in order to generate the longest, most intricate paths possible. It's easy enough at the start, but as the board fills up and paths criss-cross through tiles, the game becomes much more challenging. The soothing music and calm, Zen sand garden background make for a relaxing experience.

Save The Day

Rather than a shoot 'em up, Denki's Save The Day is an arcade "save 'em up", with players taking control of a rescue helicopter trying to save as many people as possible before a location is engulfed by a natural disaster. Players have to navigate through challenging terrain to pick up survivors and powerups, all while trying to avoid damaging your chopper or accidentally hurting the civilians you're supposed to save. Game play is simple, fun, and satisfying, and players can complete on high score leaderboards, replay levels to perfect their technique and earn achievement badges.

Monster Force 5

Match-three meets monster collecting with Monster Force 5, a free to play game that sees you leading a team of pet monsters in order to contain an outbreak of wild beasts. Each of your monsters is associated with an elemental type like fire, earth, air, or water, which also matches a color of gem on the match-three board. As you battle with wild monsters, players match the colors they need to defeat enemy monsters and bosses, allowing them to capture monsters and add them into your collection. While it is free to play, it's not incredibly aggressive with ads or monetization, making Monster Force 5 an okay way to kill some time.

Arcane Legends

SpaceTime Studios' browser-friendly Legends series of MMORPGs goes medieval with Arcane Legends, a free-to-play RPG that sees players taking the role of fantasy adventurers taking on dastardly monsters on quests. Along the way, you can team up with other players as well as collect pets that can help you out by picking up loot or providing bonuses in combat. It's no World of Warcraft, but Arcane Legends still does great at delivering MMORPG fun playable in bite-sized gaming sessions.


Rumble Games successfully channels the gaming DNA of dungeon crawling greats like Diablo and distills it down into a browser-friendly form with their KingsRoad, a free-to-play action RPG. As a knight, archer, or mage, it's up to you to restore order to the land of Alderstone by going on quests and slaying monsters. All in all, it's standard fantasy fare, but well executed. Each level comes in neat packets ideal for a 10 to 15 minute burst of gaming, and players can team up with other adventurers in order to increase rewards or tackle more difficult challenges.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Defend the frontiers from marauding monsters and enemies in Kingdom Rush Frontiers, a free-to-play tower defense game featuring cartoon graphics and a rich variety of towers, heroes, and abilities to throw against throngs of monsters. Players hold the line against the undead, pirates, man-eating plants, dragons and more. Numerous maps and enemies, customizable difficulty modes, boss fights and achievements provide players with a content-packed tower defense challenge.

Gunslugs 2

Take the campy feel of zany '80s action movies and combine it with frenetic gameplay and a pixel retro art style and you get OrangePixel's Gunslugs 2, a wild side-scrolling shooter that pits the Gunslugs against the nefarious Black Duck Army's plans for world domination. Players unleash a variety of weapons against goons, tanks, aircraft and aliens as they explore seven worlds.

Heroes of Loot

OrangePixel takes on the dungeon crawler with Heroes of Loot, a top-down twin-stick shooter that has players take on the role of Elf, Warrior, Wizard or Valkyrie as they hack and blast their way through monster-filled dungeons. Heroes of Loot features wild, fast-paced gameplay with players bobbing, weaving, and circle-strafing around mobs of monsters while trying to stay alive to gather loot, gear up and complete quests.


Inspired by tales of pulp adventure and 8-bit pixel retro gaming, Spelunky delivers fun, rogue-like platforming action. As an Indiana Jones-style adventurer, players descend into perilous caves full of monsters in search of treasure. Procedurally generated levels mean that no two playthroughs will be the same, and a rich variety of enemies, items, and treasures will keep you coming back for more.


Dominus is a slow-playing browser-based strategy game where players slowly build up their kingdoms and subdue other players, turning them into vassals, till one player can claim the title of Dominus. Designed to be played in short bursts over a span of days, Dominus has players building villages, moving troops, and negotiating with other players in a quest for dominance. Army movement, construction, and battles take place over the span of hours, allowing players to set their queue orders for their armies, chat with allies, and then sit back and do something else, checking back on the game once a few hours have passed.

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