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Basis Announces $299 Peak Titanium, Apple Health Compatibility

In an Apple Watch world, fitness trackers have to be functional and fashionable to earn a spot on your wrist. Basis is adding a touch of elegance to its offering with the new limited edition Peak Titanium tracker. Available today (May 19) for $299, the new wristband has all the features of the original Peak with a new, more professional skin.

Made of titanium, the new Peak fitness tracker has the same friendly rounded-square shaped body but will be lighter thanks to its new material design. The titanium finish, in conjunction with the dark brown leather band exclusive to this model, also looks more sophisticated than the original Peak, which is available in all black or brushed aluminum. 

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To elevate the Peak Titanium to true timepiece level, the device will come with a traditional watchstrap made of American and Italian leather. It's a big step up from the original's plastic band, but each Peak Titanium will ship with a polymer-based strap that can better handle sweat during exercise.

If the cognac-colored band that ships with the Peak Titanium isn't your style, Basis will have different colored bands including black, gray and pink for $49 each.

Basis is also updating its apps and firmware for a better experience for current and new Peak users. A highly requested stopwatch feature will let you time runs and laps more easily, and an improved algorithm will increase the accuracy of its heart rate monitor. The Basis app will now also sync with  Apple Health and Google Fit, so users will be able to share heart rate and fitness data from the Peak with other apps, and import weight data for more accurate calories burned calculations.

The company is also trying something totally new: an in-app feature called Playground will allow users to opt in to be able to try out possible software features for the Basis Peak, and tell the company which they like and which they hate. The first two features will be Photo Finish, in which the app will prompt you to take a selfie after you've finished a run, and Location, which adds visual reminders of your workouts using maps and images from the area you were in.

The Basis Peak Titanium edition is available now on the company's website for $299. That's $100 more than the regular Peak, and just $50 less than full-fledged smartwatches such as the $349 Apple Watch and the $349 LG Watch Urbane. However, the company is hoping that its focus on fitness can draw in the health- and fashion-minded crowds.

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