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Back To School: Fresh Tech For A Fresh Start

ThinkGeek Ion iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

This is definitely not a practical or educational suggestion for your dorm room. But we think it will make your room into a popular spot (that is, if you want to make friends with the right kind of geeks—the kind that appreciate the value of retro video game emulators). This is a cabinet—complete with red joystick, eight plastic buttons, and “insert coin” slot--that serves as an iPad dock, and, if you’ve got the right iPad app, will turn your room into an arcade.

The app—“Atari’s Greatest Hits” includes 100 games, including a free version of Missile Command. ThinkGeek also released an API so that any iPad game developer could make a compatible retro game available. If you fork over $14.99 (in addition to this spendy cabinet—but you factored that into your décor budget, right?) you’ll be able to play Centipede, Asteroids, Pong, and who knows what else.