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Bacarobo 2010: The Tourney for Robot Rejects

We all know that sooner or later, Skynet will be built, nuclear missiles will be launched, and our only hope will be a very angry Christian Bale. So I guess until that time comes, we have to take our shots where we can. That's probably the only explanation for the Bacarobo Contest, an event where humans celebrate their intellectual superiority over robot-kind.

The title's a portmanteau of the words baka, which is Japanese for "stupid", and robot, which is English for "the ones who'll turn us into human batteries." In its third year of existence, the tournament moves from Japan to Europe, where Hungarian inventors present their most useless automatons for a few laughs, a €2,000 prize, and the comforting feeling that they've set back robot evolution by a few decades.

[source:Plastic Pals]