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The Asus Waveface Concept Devices

With Asus renting out a tremendous amount of hall space for COMPUTEX 2010 (the company practically dominates the ground floor of one building), it was probably pretty easy to find space for showcasing concept designs. Unified under the "Waveface" brand are the Ultra wristband, the Light netbook-slash-tablet PC, and the Casa home appliance. All three are designed to facilitate access to the cloud, at least so sayeth Asus.

The Waveface Ultra is a slightly transparent wristband with a touch-sensitive display that extends over the entire length of the gadget. It's form factor supposedly allows users to "discreetly" access information on-the-go. The Waveface Ultra can also snap into a rigid plane "for times when information needs to be viewed in full".

A netbook that opens to 180 degrees to become a touch-sensitive tablet, the Waveface Light is basically a book-sized version of the Ultra. When folded, the lower half becomes a touchscreen keyboard and when laid out flat, these disappear, turning the device into large tablet.

Last but not least is the Waveface Casa, designed for mounting on the wall. Also featuring a touch-display, the Casa supposedly interacts with the Ultra and Light seamlessly, and isn't designed to "dominate" the room like your typical awe-inspiring HDTV.

The imagined gadgets look good and all, yet there are no specifics on how the Waveface series works, only general strokes covering the overall concept. As such, we can only consider these three Asus designs as exercises in creativity, with no chance for a retail release in their current form.