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This Tiny Robot Has All the Feels

My big problem with our upcoming robot overlords is that they're portrayed as cool and calculating. Think more "I, Robot" or "Terminator" than "Wall-E." Anki, known for its smartphone-powered racecars is making something a little more cuddly with a tiny robot named Cozmo. It's scheduled to release in October for $180.

Anki is promising that Cozmo is "self-aware," and reporters at io9 and the Wall Street Journal who got hands-on demos found the robot's personality to be infectious.

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“He’ll say your name differently every time, with the tone of his voice or how he moves,” Anki co-founder Hanna Tappeiner told the Wall Street Journal. Cozmo uses facial recognition to determine when its meeting new people or seeing an old friend. It gets upset if you ignore it and curious when you play games with it.

Credit: Anki

(Image credit: Anki)

Tech-wise, Cozmo features an OLED screen for its big, expressive eyes and requires pairing with either an iOS or Android phone.

We hope to get our hands on Cozmo later this year. It looks absolutely adorable.