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Amazon Signs Woody Allen for Original Series

Blue Jasmine | Image Credit: Woody Allen

(Image credit: Blue Jasmine | Image Credit: Woody Allen)

Everyone's favorite nebbish is coming to Amazon, and he's bringing his clever, self-deprecating humor along with him. Woody Allen will be writing and directing the latest original show on Amazon's Prime Instant Video. The Untitled Woody Allen Project (yes, that's the final name) was announced via a press release on Amazon.

The series -- which will be headed by the acclaimed film auteur of hits like Sleeper, Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris -- will consist of half-hour episodes and run for at least one season (in Amazon terms, this means 10 episodes). For the price of an Amazon Prime subscription ($99 per year), viewers will get access to content equal to two-and-a-half full-length Woody Allen movies.

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Allen himself has shown his typical unbridled exuberance and optimism about the project. "I don't know how I got into this," he said. "I have no ideas and I'm not sure where to begin. My guess is that [Amazon] will regret this."

Beyond that, Amazon has not provided any details about the show. The episodes could be standalone stories, collections of sketches or one continuous story. Given Allen's predilection for long-form storytelling, my money would be on the last option, but the director is nothing if not unpredictable.

The show will debut on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, although Amazon has not yet announced a release date. Late 2015 or early 2016 seems like a reasonable guess, especially since Allen works on a fast timetable. He has written and/or directed at least one feature-length movie every year since 1977.

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