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Oddly: Amazon Supplier Abandons Warehouse

While the launch of the second generation Kindle on February 9, all the talk surrounding the company has been about eReaders or iPhone apps to turn your iPhone into an eReader.

However, today, Amazon headlines have turned to real books. You know, with pages and ink. The DailyMail reports that bibliophiles this week travelled from far and wide to an old Bookbarn site on an industrial estate in Brislington, Bristol.

The Bristol warehouse was once occupied by an Amazon supplier of second hand books. After the lease expired on the property, the firm running the business moved out, leaving it full of books, roughly five million. According to the Daily Mail, managers of the industrial estate invited people to help themselves to the books so they could free up space at the site.

Despite the fact that it had nothing to do with Amazon and the supplier was a little inconsiderate to leave all the books behind in the first place, it’s sort of nice to see so many smiling people get something for free during a time when nothing is free and miserable faces are a dime a dozen.

Check out the Daily Mail for more pics.

  • gwolfman
    I would have grabbed all the college text books I could and sold them online. lol
  • mdillenbeck
    Drat, wish I had that kind of luck - I'd show up with a few cars and grab a ton of books... which would have given my wife a lifetime of entertainment! (She's the kind that goes through a book a day and thus buys them for $1-$3 at the discount stores.)
  • baov
    Is the picture related? They just unorderly tore down the place!
  • techtre2003
    baovIs the picture related? They just unorderly tore down the place!
    Yeah, check out the other pictures on the link in the article. Even if the books were free, that's really disrespectful.
  • Pei-chen
    Why can't these people treat it as a no-return library? Take what you need and put back those you don't need so the next person can take what he want. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started burning books just for fun. I am sure it will draw a lot of people to watch; the biggest book burning since World War II.
  • my_name_is_earl
    Savages, that's what they are. At least you don't see anyone fighting over Star Wars hardcover.
  • james_lankford
    maybe the bonks weren't organized well and were in stacks to begin with, so people had to dig through the piles to find something they liked
  • aapocketz
    when the business cost to hold, maintain, and sell the books is more than you can receive in revenue, you must close down. Removing the books is an added cost, and could probably cost tens of thousands of dollars to have them removed. Keep in mind these are second hand books. Do you know how many books your local public library throws away?
  • gm0n3y
    I 4wish I was there.
  • JMcEntegart
    Yeah, they definitely went to town on that place. Apparently people showed up with caravans, trailers etc to take home as much as they possibly could. I'd like to think people were taking them home to read them but more than likely a lot of people probably sold them on to second-hand book shops in exchange for store credit/cash. That said, there was one college kid who managed t find nearly an entire set of encyclopedias and was having the best time trying to track down the missing few. So I guess some people had good clean fun?