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Oddly: Amazon Supplier Abandons Warehouse

While the launch of the second generation Kindle on February 9, all the talk surrounding the company has been about eReaders or iPhone apps to turn your iPhone into an eReader.

However, today, Amazon headlines have turned to real books. You know, with pages and ink. The DailyMail reports that bibliophiles this week travelled from far and wide to an old Bookbarn site on an industrial estate in Brislington, Bristol.

The Bristol warehouse was once occupied by an Amazon supplier of second hand books. After the lease expired on the property, the firm running the business moved out, leaving it full of books, roughly five million. According to the Daily Mail, managers of the industrial estate invited people to help themselves to the books so they could free up space at the site.

Despite the fact that it had nothing to do with Amazon and the supplier was a little inconsiderate to leave all the books behind in the first place, it’s sort of nice to see so many smiling people get something for free during a time when nothing is free and miserable faces are a dime a dozen.

Check out the Daily Mail for more pics.