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AdBlock's CatBlock Replaces Pesky Ads with Cat Pictures

Every year, dozens of tech companies celebrate April Fools' Day with fake products, news announcements, or websites. Though most of these companies start out kidding around, sometimes user-demand will see one of these jokes become a reality (remember ThinkGeek's iCade iPad dock?). This past weekend, Michael Gundlach, the developer behind AdBlock for Chrome and Safari, decided to turn AdBlock into CatBlock. That is, people who had installed AdBlock on their browser now saw cat pictures in place of every ad.


Now, of course there are all kinds of people online. In fact, one of the great things about the internet is that there's a corner of the web for every obsession. However, it's safe to say cat-lovers aren't exactly a small group in the online world. Case in point: The reaction to CatBlock was so strong (and so positive) that Gunlach is willing to make it a permanent thing if people are willing to donate money to the cause.

"Wow, um, there's a lot more demand than I expected for CatBlock to not disappear," he wrote via his blog. "So how about this: vote with your dollars. I will make a standalone version of CatBlock and email you when it's ready if you will support AdBlock with a monthly payment. CatBlock doesn't have to die!"

Gundlach says he quit his job full-time to work on AdBlock and is hoping financial support from users will allow him to continue working to keep AdBlock going. If you're not willing to donate to the CatBlock cause, you've only got a few more days of kitties before Gundlach switches back to regular AdBlock, so enjoy them while you can.

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