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Woman Loses 112 Pounds by Using Wii Fit

However, one woman in the UK has proved that if you combine your Wii Fit work-outs with a balanced and healthy diet, the device can be just as beneficial as real yoga classes and regular trips to the gym.

The News of the World reports that Lara Roberts, a wife and mother of two, managed to drop eight stone or 112 pounds by eating healthy and using Wii Fit every morning. The 38-year-old woman said she was becoming increasinlgy depressed about her weight but only kicked her 4,000 calories-per-day diet when a friend commented that she never seemed to stop eating.

In early 2008, Lara purchased Wii Fit because she wanted to get healthy but couldn't face going to a gym or jogging in the street. Waking at 5 a.m. every morning, she worked out with her Wii Fit and swapped her junk food diet for healthier food.

Just over a year on she has dropped from 252 pounds to 140 pounds.

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