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Environmentalist Group Holds WiMAX Protest In Taipei

According to the Taipei Times, Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association (TEPCA) staged a protest while President Ma Ying-jeou was visited the show at the Taipei World Trade Centre.

Over the last three years, the government has spent $647.5 million on developing WiMax and Ma, himself pledged to use WiMAX as a way to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural area.

Protesters claim that the radio waves emitted by WiMAX base stations increase the probability of cancer and said it would likely cause an increase in leukaemia in children.

Mike Lin, who works for the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), told the Times that electromagnetic radiation associated with WiMAX is lower than that of mobile phones. He also claimed the National Communications Commission thought the same.

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